2017 Conference Speed Planning Proposal Form

Thank you for your interest in conducting a speed session at the 2017 APA Minnesota conference, Around the Bend: What's Next for Planning. Speed sessions last an hour and a half; however, you will need to create a presentation that fits into twenty minutes or less. Session attendees rotate to the tables of their interest when the moderator signals the time is up. These sessions are not meant to be mini presentations so do not plan to talk the full twenty minutes with each group. They offer a quick way to engage on various topics within the allotted time of a normal session. Speed sessions do not offer enough time to give a PowerPoint presentation, but you could use visual aids for the discussion.

Format: Each speed planning session will feature multiple presenters on a range of topics. Each presenter will have his/her own table or station, and will be expected to lead a 15 to 20-minute presentation/discussion on one discrete topic. Attendees will have the option to choose which presentation they would like to hear. After 15-20 minutes, attendees will be asked to move to another table; presenters will stay at their assigned table/station and will lead a second presentation/discussion on the same topic for another group of attendees. After 15-20 minutes, attendees will move to a third table, and presenters will repeat their presentation for a third group. Presenters are expected to provide any visual aids (boards, posters, handouts, etc.) necessary to facilitate their presentation/discussion; laptops and projectors will not be available.

Topics: Speed planning sessions are particularly well-suited to case studies about new developments, planning projects, or recent innovations in the field of planning, although other topics might also be appropriate. Consider a narrow scope for the presentation or focus on one project element in order to stay within 15-20 minutes.

Submitting a Proposal: The speed planning presentation proposal form below has many purposes. It will be used by the Conference Program Committee to select presentations for several speed planning sessions. Proposals that are missing information will generally not be considered. Once presentations are selected, the information from the proposal form is used by the APA Minnesota Professional Development Officers (PDOs) to request CM credits, as well as the conference planning committee to create the conference brochure. Both the presentation description and speaker biographical information will be used as submitted. Please be sure what is submitted is what you want conference attendees to see in their program.

You are encouraged to prepare your proposal in a Word document and cut and paste into the submission form, as APA Minnesota does not have the ability to recover proposals that have not been fully submitted or where there is an error with the website. Please save a copy of your proposal.

The deadline for Speed Planning Presentation Proposals is March 31, 2017. Note there will be no extensions in 2017. Notification of session acceptance will occur by May 31, 2017.

If you have any questions about the Speed Planning Presentation Proposals, please contact: Stephanie Rouse at stephrouse21@gmail.com or Corrin Wendell at corrin.wendell@metc.state.mn.us.

Speed Planning Session Proposal Form

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