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Call for Proposals

APA MN is now seeking session proposals for the 2018 Upper Midwest Regional Planning Conference. The conference will be held in Rochester, MN from September 26 - 28.

As part of this year's conference, we are offering four different presentation formats.

General Session: Presenters will be provided approximately 45 minutes to present and 15 minutes and answer questions. We encourage sessions to embrace the three i's:

  • Innovative: We understand many of you are eager to showcase your 2018 comprehensive plan updates; however, we are seeking session topics that are new and exciting. Topics should focus on emerging planning trends, social equity, planning case law, planning ethics, or innovative tools and technologies. If your comprehensive plan update showcases these emerging trends we encourage you to submit.
  • Interactive: Session goers are looking for more than just 45-minutes of power point presentations. As part of your session proposal, we are asking submittals to describe how the presentation is going to be interactive. Interactive sessions may include team building exercises, mini-design charrettes or group activities.
  • Informative: Sessions should be eligible for CM credits. The following link provides more information on CM eligibility: https://www.planning.org/cm/activities/eligibility/

Speed Session: These highly engaging thirty (30) minute sessions are always a popular attraction at the conference. Speed sessions are also a great way for new speakers to get involved in conference speaking. Speakers will be asked to prepare at least one (1) poster board to showcase their project or topic. Speakers will also be asked to present their poster board approximately four (4) to five (5) times in the course of 1-hour and 15-minutes. Be prepared to talk for twenty (20) minutes and answer questions for ten (10) minutes each time.

Fast, Funny or Passionate: A variety of panelists will be assembled to present on similar topics. Panelists will be asked to give a brisk seven (7) minute presentation that can be serious, funny or creative. Sessions proposals should focus on a project, a planning passion, or a short visual essay from a personal point of view. If needed, presenters can provide up to five (5) power point slides to showcase their topic.

Expert Panel: We are looking to assemble a panel of experts in the areas of economics and technology. The panel should be able to respond to questions on how new economies and technologies are playing a role in our communities. Outside perspectives from other industries are desired. If you are interested in helping assemble this panel or would like to be on the panel, please email lance@hkgi.com by March 1. A session proposal does not need to be submitted at this time. Please don't be shy or modest to suggest yourself as a panelist.

We have changed the forms slightly to streamline the submission process. If you are interested in submitting a session proposal for any of the above formats, follow the Session Proposal link below. Please select your preferred format when completing the form. Session proposals are due by March 23, 2018. If you are submitting a proposal for a Mobile Tour please click the Mobile Tour link below.

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